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The staff at Centralia Coin, Stamp, Etc

are approachable and friendly. They'll gladly answer your questions and point you to the items you are searching for. Some of our coins are valued at less than $1.00 while others are valued at hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Come in and visit us to find the next piece to add to your coin collection. Thank you for your business.

Blake Griffin
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Collector Coins

Collector Coins

Collector Coins



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Centralia Coin, Stamp, Etc?  Because ...

Friendly Staff

Our staff is always friendly and particularly helpful.

Professional Service

Experts at what we do and most important how we do it.

Established and Credible

Our credibility coupled with our reputation stand behind everything we do.

Card Payments

In addition to checks and cash, we accept all valid major credit cards.

Knowledgeable Team

Our know-how provides a leveraging system so as to maximize profitability.

Quick Response Time

Our service is courteous and prompt. In short, we won't keep you waiting.



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I cannot say enough good things about Centralia Coin, Stamp, Etc.  Everything is done with professionalism and integrity, coupled with an impressive level of experience.  Blake was very educated on his coins watches ect. He was very honest and deserves all 5 stars.   If you're looking for someone who offers reasonable and fair negotiations, Centralia Coin, Stamp, Etc would be the right choice.

Frederick E. Tondini


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